To book you need to go via the location website.
If you have misplaced or were not able to print out your ticket during the booking process, click on the link below to access your pending booking details and reprint your ticket.
Review Booking and/or Reprint Ticket
With regards to booking queries please do not contact the Internet Booking Service Provider as they are not empowered to issue refunds or make changes to bookings, if there is a problem please contact the venue you purchased the ticket for, venue contact numbers are on each booking screen.
For all sales related enquiries please email
Our Service
Venue Tickets is an Australian owned company successfully providing clients in the cinema and theatre business with real-time online ticketing. We have been providing ticketing services in Australia in a reliable, inexpensive and no fuss manner for more than two decades. Venue Tickets currently integrates directly into Venue Master, Haxlon and MGS box office ticketing systems allowing tickets to be sold online in real-time, simply meaning that online sales are made directly to the in-house box office server 'on the fly'.

For pricing and more details on how easily Venue Tickets can increase your ticketing sales by opening up the opportunities available on the internet and mobile services please email your details to our sales department who will promptly reply and get you on a fast track to real-time online ticketing
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